Fun Exercise Routine for Kids

Fun Exercise Routine for Kids

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By Babysits
2 min read

Kids have a lot of energy! To help get young kids up and moving in the living room or garden, we’ve created our fun Move Like an Animal exercise routine for you to follow along wherever you want.

Why being active is important for kids

Children need regular exercise to lead healthy lives. And if that wasn’t enough to influence you to get the kids moving - studies have shown that regular exercise in children has a direct correlation with the developing brain. This means that exercise and sports can result in improved cognitive abilities, such as having a better memory.

Studies have also found that people who regularly exercise early-on in life are significantly more likely to exercise as adults when compared with those who didn’t regularly exercise as kids. Having access to exercise early in life also means that you’re more likely to maintain a healthier weight overall.

If we can instill healthy lifestyle choices in our children from a young age, they’re far more likely to continue with those habits well into adulthood.

So, the younger we can get our kids up and moving, the better it’ll be for their long-term health. Use our Move Like an Animal exercise routine and get active while having fun together!

Fun Exercise Activity for Kids: Move Like an Animal!

Move Like an Animal Exercise for Kids

You have 60 seconds to complete as many reps of each animal movement as you can. Let’s see how many you can do!

Did you enjoy this activity? We’d love to see you Move Like an Animal! Share your exercise routine with us @babysits.

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